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Five things you should know about kickboxing:

  1. No, you do not have to fight someone. When people first hear about kickboxing classes they think "oh that's exactly what I see in the movies".  The will actually visualize guys and girls fighting each other in the ring within fitness gyms and centres.  They are very wrong.  In fact, most of the time the classes offered consist of intense, calorie-burning workout sessions conducted WITHOUT physical contact.  You DON'T have to fight anyone!  If you're hesitant to take a kickboxing class because you're scared you'll have to take physical abuse from another person, don't be.  Kickboxing classes prioritise the fitness aspect of the workout without making students spar each other.
  2. It's not as hard as you think it is.  People sometimes think we make our students kick trees with their shins to condition them, or make them run 25 miles daily.  Perhaps even hanging meat carcasses for them to punch.  The movies have a lot to answer for!  The classes require a lot of physical activity but nothing like that mentioned above.  There may be many press ups, sit ups and such like.  Beginners are taught how to punch and kick properly.  Yes, in the beginning it will be difficult nd tiring, but over time it becomes easier.
  3. It's not as easy as you think it is.  Many gyms offer cardio kickboxing classes where students do not use boxing gloves or pads.  They simply punch in the air.  Our classes use both and it is different experience altogether.  Yes, you will sweat.  Yes, it will make you breath hard.  Yes, it will tire you out.  Isn't that why we exercise?
  4. No, the Instructor isn't trying to kill you.  Many students will think that the Instructor is actually trying to kill them during and after their first class.  We push students and encourage them to get the most out of the classes.  It may seem like we're on your case at the time, but think about the sense of achievement you're going to feel when you've completed a class.
  5. Yes, you will get addicted.  The feeling you get after a class is like nothing you've felt before.  Your fitness will improve.  You'll learn how to defend yourself.  You'll tone your body and become more flexible.  You'll become more confident.  It can be life changing.

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Chris Gardham is another of our Instructors and the Club's Welfare Officer.  He trains regularly at the Leven, Hedon and Preston classes and  gained his 1st Dan Black Belt in Korean Kickboxing in December 2018. He is currently training for his 2nd Dan.


Rachel Peacock is our second Instructor.  She has been helping in classes since 2013 and since gaining her 1st Dan Black Belt in Korean Kickboxing in early 2014 has been leading classes.  She has recently  gained her 3rd Dan.

meet the instructors

Joy Peacock is our Chief Instructor and is 3rd Dan Black Belt in Korean Kickboxing.  She has been instructing since 2011.